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Klick-Cap & Brainbuilder Ninja surprise takes the family fun to the next level !

The brain has over 100 Billion neurons and trillions of synapses. It is the most complex organ, even baffling scientists for years.

Get an insight into the brain in real-time with unrestricted navigation.Great tool for teachers helping with the science experiments ( school biology laboratories). 


Our Story

"Learning about the brain's functions as a Neurologist is the best thing that happened to my life. It made me understand life at a deeper level. I want this transformative experience to be infused into the Generation Alfa

- Founder KlickCap, Dr Adatia S. 

Brainforia is build with a mission. We are here to craft smart brains for the Generation Alpha. We are not an innovative toy company. We are not creating toys to simply stimulate the brain. We are a brain crafting company. We want to focus on growing smart brains through  transformative learning experiences.


We don't want to build products . Period. We want to build fantastic brains.


This is an information era. We do not want to bombard more information . We want transformation. We want this transformation for good of society, nation and world at large. 


We want our games and play to create a deep subliminal impact on the growing brains. We want the  brains to be kindled & inspired. Through Klick-cap , we are creating a revolution in phygital(physical+ digital) products.  Our brainbuilder Ninja - The Habit Pro is the surprise limited edition board game available with our flagship release. 


The product is conceptualized by Neuroscience experts and alumni of the University of Cambridge, UK

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" Our idea of building this product is to kindle the young brains. It will help them learn about the brain & some great life values"

The human brain is nothing short of 8th wonder. The children's brains are nothing short of miracles. We want to build and craft brains to uplift humanity to a new level. 




From birth through to early childhood, children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them. They do this by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing.

Children and even adults learn best and retain the most information when they engage their senses. Many of our favourite memories are associated with one or more of our senses: for instance, the smell of a cookie that grandmom made transports us straight to our childhood.

When our nostrils and eardrums are stimulated with those familiar smells and sounds respectively, our brain triggers a flashback memory of those special times.

"Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory & motor play’ is crucial to brain development – it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways."


This leads to a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks and supports cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction and problem-solving skills.

Here are 4 reasons why sensory & motor play is beneficial:

Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.


Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills and problem solving skills


This type of play aids in developing and enhancing memory. It allows the children to now access the new pathways in the brain which was not available prior for consolidation of the memory


Sensory play is great for calming a child with attention difficulty

Science Class

"We are inviting the school management to opt for a free Brainforia play session conducted at the school "

We are eager to come to the schools and conduct a brainforia play session for students 5 to 13 years .  A hands-on encounter to the product will open the floodgates of curiosity and fun.


The children shall explore unbelievable facts :

Why does eating healthy promotes brain growth? How much sleep is essential for a healthy brain?


How playing video games in moderation is not harmful? How to have laser-sharp memories in high school? How to avoid last-minute exam stress?


excited kid 1.png

A series EPIC games – Engaging Play Inspired Career Games is coming your way. There are over thirteen thousand various career paths and jobs in the world. A child in high school is only aware of about seven. (As published through credible sources). Our own research suggests only twelve. This is shocking despite having the ton of information on google.

The reason is lack of active engagement which does not allow learning. We need to bring inspiring ideas making them learn. They need tangible hands on games and activities to facilitate the learning.

We want transformative learning. The learning that goes long way. The learning that changes the trajectory of the child’s life. The learning that not just allows them to know about the career but also to understand their own preferences for particular careers

Let’s start bringing the reality of having virtual sherpas, personal memory curator, drone operators, autonomous car operators, personalized medicine experts inside their tiny brains. The day is not far when the generation Alpha embraces the world of work of 21st century.

Our first product – 21st CCQ- 21st Century Career Quest is on its way!! Yuhu !! This product allows them to confidently learn about the various careers in sciences, commerce and business and humanities.



Curtain raiser – Our first flagship product !

The only way to engage a learner is to allow them to explore with more senses beyond the touch. We have hence integrated VR learning series. Knowing and learning about the brain and how to build a strong brain is the philosophy behind the product- Klickcap.


Klickcap is not any ordinary cap. It is not a regular toy. It is not a virtual game played online. It is not any routine game.  It is a phygital (physical+ digital) toy – allowing both physical and digital experience at once. It not just allows learning about the brain but also about the functions of the brain. It allows also to learn about strategies to build a smart brain. It allows to teleport inside the brain. It allows them to explore the hidden abilities of the brain. It teaches how to activate the brain’s memory center. It allows the children to reflect on building great habits. It allows them to learn how to effectively breathe to calm the exam stress. It lets them know the super power they harness within them. It allows them to engage and interact

Fluid intelligence involves being able to think and reason abstractly and solve problems. This ability is considered independent of learning, experience, and education. Examples of the use of fluid intelligence include solving puzzles and coming up with problem-solving strategies.

Our first and unique in its kind - Brainbuilder Ninja series allows stimulation of the thinking pathways. It allows the children to think outside the box. It allows them to think and ponder about their daily habits. It allows them to engage in various games that is built to stimulate their lateral thinking abilities. 

The Habit Pro Game

Embedded in the box allows the child to navigate through the brain by promising great habits. The child with the most brain cells wins the game. It is a game designed to engage the child much beyond the application of the phone.  It allows a repeat play. The cards are designed to allow them to appreciate great habits such as talking nicely, saying thank you, respecting elders, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, sleeping on time. Each time they promise this, they get rewarded with brain cells. A multi-player game that is built to stimulate healthy habits for all. 

We are minimalists and take sustainability very seriously. We want our children to breathe fresh oxygen long after we have left the earth. We want our products to stand up to the sustainability standards. The box turns into a board game. Do not throw anything inside the box. Make use of it forever as a game.  This is sustainable fun !

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