How to Multitask Despite the Brain Being at War with Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a long-debated skill where an individual performs more than one task at the same time. What fuels discourse about it is whether it is efficient or not. If you struggle with multi-tasking, then it is definitely better to focus on one task at a time, but it is also possible to become better at this skill over time by learning how to multitask properly.

Here are some tips on how to multitask better:

  1. Set realistic goals: Pick 2-3 small tasks that you can get done in one hour. If you start small and set realistic targets, you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Make lists of everything you need to do, and try to organize the list in order of which tasks you want to get done first. Organizational tools such as Excel can help. If you leave your to-do list to memory and are attempting to multi-task (like finishing emails while joining a Zoom meeting), you will end up feeling stressed and forgetting something important.

  3. Group tasks when possible: Working on totally different tasks at the same time is inefficient and incredibly confusing. Why not try grouping similar tasks? For example, if you were writing an article, you can look for relevant pictures for your article while planning your article’s structure. Two birds with one stone!

  4. Avoid distractions: When you have a lot of tasks going on at the same time, it is important to create an environment that isn’t as stimulating as your workload. Put your phone away, listen to classical music, set a Pomodoro timer, and get to work!

  5. Schedule short breaks for yourself throughout the day in order to sustain a workday filled with tons of tasks.

Like any skill, multitasking is something you will develop over time. Be patient with yourself!

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